An Easy Guide to Using Competition Handguns

When trying to win a competition, you’ll want to know how to use competitive handguns effectively. Having the right stance and trigger control are vital to success. We’ve written about the Weaver Stance and the Isosceles Stance, red dot-equipped handguns, and trigger control. But it would help if you had more than a few tips to excel at the range.

Weaver Stance

The Weaver stance is a boxer-like stance. The support leg is slightly bent, and the shooting leg is almost straight. This position forces the shooter to lean forward with their upper body. It also helps control the muzzle rise. This stance is very similar to other traditional fighting stances, which makes it ideal for competition handguns.

The Weaver stance has many benefits, but it also has some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that it tends to break down when you are under a lot of stress. The adrenaline dump weakens the muscles, and coordination becomes sloppy. The stronger arm tends to overwhelm the weaker one, and bullets can come in high on the support side. The Weaver stance can also make shooting on a hostile surface difficult.

Isosceles Stance

The Isosceles Stance is one of the most popular shooting stances for competition pistols. This stance is easy to learn and entails a slight bend at the waist and knees. This shooting stance is not recommended for full-power handguns, as it provides less control over recoil. It also gives your opponent a larger target area and tends to tire your arms.

When shooting in the isosceles stance, you should lean forward at the waist and bend your knees and elbows. Your arms and chest should form a triangle when viewed from above. If you are uncomfortable with the Isosceles stance, try locking your elbows.

Competition Handguns

Red-Dot-Equipped Handguns

Red-dot-equipped competition handguns offer an advantage over the traditional iron sight regarding personal defense. In many home defense situations, you need to be able to stop an attacker with a single shot. A red dot can help you make this shot much faster.

Having a red dot on your pistol allows you to acquire a target quickly, no matter the lighting conditions. These pistols can also help those with vision problems by allowing for more accurate and rapid sight acquisition. Even right-handed shooters who have left-eye dominance can benefit from the red-dot sight. Red-dot-equipped competition hand-fired handguns have become the new standard in the firearms industry. 

Trigger Control

There are many factors to consider when competing in a competition. The best way to do so is to learn how to use the handgun properly. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind. First, always pull the trigger firmly. Don’t flinch or jerk. Both of these can throw off your aim and reduce accuracy.

Proper Storage

Proper storage is essential to ensure the safe handling of competition handguns. Public health campaigns and policies promote safe storage. Store competition handguns at least 30 feet away from children and pets.

The owner’s first priority is the safe storage of competition handguns.