Going Out in Style: The Little Black Dress Phenomenon


The Little Black Dress stands out amongst the rest with its rich history, from iconic designers such as Chanel and Dior to its even more influential models and princesses’.

The phenomenon of the little black dress, affectionately known as the LBD, has transcended time and fashion trends to become an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Its history has marked a significant moment of liberation where women were free from the shackles of restriction and the rules of traditional clothing. Its allure lies in the elegance, versatility and confidence instilled in those who wear it.

When Gabrielle Chanel introduced her design for ‘la petite robe noire’ in 1926, it made a statement and the colour black was reimagined as a blank canvas for self-expression. The concept of “going out dress” takes on a new dimension when accompanied by this iconic garment.

Fast forward to the present day, and the little black dress has solidified its status as a wardrobe staple. Whether it’s a cocktail party, a night out with friends, a romantic dinner, or a formal event, the little black dress is the go-to choice for many women.

Its understated elegance allows it to be dressed up and dressed down with the right accessories. There’s simply no “wrong” way to wear the LBD, which is perhaps what makes it so appealing. In a sense, it allows women to build and present their sense of style using this classic piece.

The concept of “going out dresses” takes on a special significance when accompanied by the little black dress with over 60 iconic examples from the fabulous chic DIOR outfit, introducing a contemporary expression with room for versatility or taking it a step further with the royals impact of Princess Diana and her ‘revenge dress’ that caused quite a stir, liberating herself from the strict rules pushed upon her by the crown. This remarkable princess was extremely influential with her bold outfit choices and arguably was the reason everyone was in awe of her.

This LBD has evolved from its primary colour of mourning during WW1 to a powerful, mysterious, elegant and sophisticated colour, and the best part is that everyone can pull it off.  With so many feelings associated with the colour black, it appears to be one of the most influential and versatile colours we have to date.

Styling Options Throughout Time

As hinted above, there is no right or wrong way to style your perfect little black dress, with so many colour combinations, accessory choices and shoe options. Here below, I’ll list a few options I would turn towards:


Over-the-knee or just below-the-knee heeled boots for a going-out look or a casual everyday look with flat or platform boots

Alternatively, if boots aren’t for you, try a classy stiletto that can be matched with the colour of your bag to create a cohesive look or if you aren’t a high-heel girl like me, you’d thrive wearing a kitten heel. This versatile shoe can be accompanied by some sheer tights, like Princess Diana or knee-high sheer socks.


A statement necklace would pop with a little black dress. I would recommend a chunky pearl necklace to mimic a Vivienne Westwood and Chanel-inspired look. Although simple is good, bigger is better as you have a blank canvas to be creative and adventurous with; however, in some cases, less is sometimes more, so I’d suggest a simple take and incorporate some bold earrings instead of a simple necklace.


As mentioned before, a statement should be made; therefore, a bold shoulder bag or clutch to match your shoes of choice would be the cherry on top. I would suggest a comfortable, small shoulder bag, big enough to fit your phone and lipstick. The bag could be a bright colour, embellished or maybe keep it chic and stick with an all-black theme.