How Exercise Can Help Your Mental Health


Exercise has a whole range of benefits for both your mental and cardiovascular health, it may be something that you may struggle with at first but you will be rewarded for your perseverance with a more positive mindset and a stronger, fitter and faster body. Find an exercise routine that motivates you and that you enjoy doing is a good way to start your path of exercising.

Releases Endorphins

Endorphins are happiness chemicals released by your brain in order to combat muscle pain when you are pushing your body through exercise. Endorphins not only reduce muscle pain but also improve your mood promoting feelings of happiness and reducing the impact of negative feelings on your psyche. You are most likely to feel the strongest effects of endorphins shortly after exercise, feelings of happiness can last numerous hours after you have finished exercising.

There is even a phenomenon called runner’s high where people have said they feel absolutely on top of the world after they have finished exercising. In order to maximise your experience make sure that you get some quality exercise kit, including running trainers that are specifically designed for the type of exercise you are doing. If it is colder outside you may want to consider wearing heavyweight tracksuits to avoid feeling as cold on your run.

Improves Self Esteem And Body Image

Possibly the most obvious benefit of exercise is the transformation of regular exercise can have on your body. You become stronger, fitter and faster over time as a result of causing the muscles in your body stress and strain so that they rebuild and grow stronger in the process.

As a result of exercise, you will likely feel like you have increased energy reserves and will be able to do things such as stand up from a sitting position faster and easier; not to mention exercise ability to make tasks such as carrying shopping home. Your body will become lean and you will lose weight as a result of exercise, which can improve your self-confidence and not be so conscious about what other people think of you.

Reduces Feelings Of Anxiety And Depression

Regular exercise can rewire your brain to be less negative and more positive, instead of being weighed down by doubt and worry you can instead plan more hopefully for the future instead of unnecessarily worrying about things. Regular exercise can also give your life more routine, setting yourself a target of exercising a certain amount of times a week on specific days can increase your chances of sticking to your routine. Exercise can also be freeing as you know that when you exercise the only thing you need to think about is motivating yourself to keep going, instead of thinking about things in your life that may be causing your worry or stress.

Exercise Opens You Up To More Social Hobbies

You could join your local running group or 5 aside football if that is your thing, the point is that there are plenty of exercise-focused social activities that you can have a go at. Advantages of these activities include the fact that other people can motivate you to keep going and push yourself, additionally, you can make friends at the same time whilst you are focusing on a common goal with other people. Just by performing a Google search, you can find out more about exercise hobby groups in your local area.

Additionally, you can either download the meetup app or go on the meetup website and find groups there that are not only centred around exercise, but general social events as well to help you be less isolated. Just don’t forget to break out your luxury streetwear to help you stand out from the crowd!


Starting basic exercises such as going on more walks is easily accessible for most people and can be gradually built up once you feel you are ready to do so. Ensure that you are progressing to your speed and not overdoing it too soon as this could cause you to quit the whole thing, but by building up slowly you build up your body’s resilience and your own confidence.