How to Find Honest Online Linen Store Reviews

When it comes to linens and towels, choosing the best product is not a casual purchase experience. It’s a search for an essential element of your comfort. Online reviews can help us decide which product to buy. These reviews reflect the honest opinions of people who actually used the product. For example, if you’re buying towels from a store like Olive and Linen, you’ll want to read genuine reviews from people who have used their products before. This will help you decide if buying from them is a good idea.

While you’ll find only honest reviews on a website like this, other websites provide reviews that are false, misleading, or manipulated, which harms both people and legitimate businesses. Fake reviews aren’t always simple to identify, and they might appear to be written by real customers, but there’s usually more to them than meets the eye.

A shop may provide the reviewer their stuff for free or refund them once the review is completed. They may even offer the person a monetary reward for writing a review. Fake reviews can sometimes be written by someone who has never purchased, seen, or utilized the product or service.

Tips for Finding Legit Linen Store Reviews

A Reliable Source

Some disreputable bathrobe and towel stores pay freelancers to post about products or services they’ve never tried. Other businesses create fake profiles on review sites themselves and attempt to write fraudulent reviews. These practices violate review sites’ terms of service, and they break the law. However, there are several ways to validate a real customer’s identity;

  • They have a non-generic name and picture, or videos.
  • Their testimonials are attached to other sources, like a business website or a Facebook page.
  • They have reviewed other products or businesses fairly.
  • Their location, job, or other details fit with the business they’ve reviewed.
  • They have a presence on the site, such as friends or other connections.

Pictures or Videos

A video testimonial shows the customer’s identity, making it much more difficult to fabricate reviews. Similarly, many review sites now allow customers to post pictures or videos with their reviews. While a reviewer might still be paid for a review, a picture or video of them using the product proves they at least tried it. This, along with other signs, can help to determine if a testimonial is reliable.

Well Worded

Since fake reviewers generally write a large volume of reviews for low pay, the reviews are short and sound generic. A fake review or testimonial will use a lot of dramatic language like “great,” “awesome,” “best,” or “loved it.” An authentic reviewer will likely take a more even stance, mentioning some things they liked and some things they didn’t. The review will be longer than four sentences, and mention results, features, or applications the reviewer enjoyed or disliked.

Look For Phrase Repetition

Look through several reviews and see if any words or phrases are repeated in different reviews. Reviews that use the same phrases may have been instructed to do so by the party faking the reviews.

Good Spelling and Grammar

A review doesn’t have to be a college-ready essay to be authentic, but the spelling and grammar should be mostly correct. If it’s full of errors, it indicates the reviewer was in a hurry or the review was outsourced from outside the country. Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar are simple and obvious signs of a trustworthy and reliable testimonial.


When you use online reviews to help you make purchasing decisions, it pays to take some time and think critically about the source of the information. The tips above will help you spot whether the review on a linen store is fake or legit.