Why online reviews are essential for your online store


Having an online store is essential for your brand to grow and attract more customers.

After the basic steps like building a user-friendly website and applying search engine optimisation tactics to drive traffic to it, there is another thing that an online store cannot go without. You want those customers to share their good experiences with others by leaving online reviews. However, negative experiences help you understand what your customers don’t like and how to improve their experience with your brand. To better understand what reviews can do for you and your online store, it is helpful to read a few yourself. Visiting ReviewsBird and their list of reviews about UK shops will give you a sense of how valuable a customer’s opinion is. They help other customers understand what they can expect from your brand and provide you with feedback that can only benefit you on your journey to improving engagement with your audience.

Why Reviews are essential for online clothing stores:

Anyone can sell fashionable clothing, but the customer journey is what sets the best apart from the rest. Most clothing outlets source their apparel from foreign suppliers, resulting in the size profile being inconsistent with the country in which the garments are sold. Hence, customers want to know more or less what they can expect in terms of sizing. For example, an American woman who usually wears a size small might need a size medium if the online clothing store outsources its production in China. Why? Because Chinese women generally have a more petite build than American women.

In addition, shoe manufacturers use general sizing guidelines during production. However, Every shoe has a different style hence a US size five might fall smaller in one design than another. Reviews can help online shoppers navigate their size better through observing other customer experiences.

Five reasons why reviews help build your brand.

Understanding why you need online reviews will optimise your customer experience to create a positive online footprint. So let’s observe a few reasons why it’s vital to know what your customers say about your brand.

  • Word of Mouth

Positive reviews increase the likelihood of them being shared on a wide variety of websites. In addition to social media, the ability for customers to talk about you in other ways is critical to building your reputation.

  • Expanding your visibility

Customer reviews are a valuable feed source for the content machine, ensuring your brand is favoured by algorithms. In addition, focusing on creating reviews will increase your brand’s visibility when customers are making their next purchase.

  • Building trust

Accumulating reviews will build your brand’s credibility to a newer audience when you tap into new segments.

  • Decision-making tool

Reading reviews contributes to a better buyer’s decision-making process. Why? Because they learn to understand what they are looking for and what to stay away from.

How to collect reviews for your website

Implementing your review collecting tool comes down to a matter of preference. The most efficient way is to embed a review section on the most convenient and relevant places on your website, like at the bottom of all product pages. In addition, you could send a post-sale email inviting them to leave a review about their experience with the product and the brand.